Building Your Brand: Logo and Tagline Tips

Branding helps you promote your product and set it apart from all the others. There are many ways to build your brand but few are as fundamental as your logo and tagline. We’ve prepared some guidelines on what you should consider when creating these two things.

Creating a Logo

There are plenty of applications and programs that can be used to create your own logo. You can even go to a graphic designer with a rough sketch of what you want. To give you some direction we've compiled some tips below.

  • Keep it simple -- incorporate the name of your company into the logo. It’s important you include your company name and logo together so they’ll be tied seamlessly together in the customer’s mind.
  • Your logo should be a strong, balanced image with very little clutter.
  • The graphic should be relevant and appropriate for your business and suit your company name. The logo needs to be consistent with the rest of your brand. Keep the colors, style and graphics consistent.
  • Make certain your logo is easy to read and communicates the tone of your business. Remember, your logo won’t always be in color, so it’s important that it looks great in black and white also.

While your logo can capture someone’s attention, you need a good tagline to capture someone’s heart.

Creating a Tagline

  • Keep your tagline short and simple. A short snappy sentence that will capture people’s attention is what you’re aiming for.
  • Your tagline should be consistent and match the feel of your business.
  • Keep your unique selling proposition in mind when forming your tagline. What is it that you do differently?

What is it that you want to achieve with this difference? What niche does this hold and why is it important?

  • Imagine your proposed tagline in a standalone situation - just the writing and no context given. Does it hold up? Would a person who’s never seen it before be able to guess what your business is about?
  • Your target audience needs to be considered; there are certain types of people who are more likely to purchase your product. Knowing your market audience is one of the key tenets of business. Research what kind of words would resonate well with them and use this knowledge to your advantage.