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    Envelopes and the Paper Products They Come With

    Most of our paper products automatically come with envelopes, including the below: 

    • Flat Card
    • Flat Notecard
    • Response Card
    • Flat Advice Card
    • Flat Holiday Card
    • Flat Greeting Card
    • Flat Announcement Card
    • Flat Thank You Card
    • Flat Save the Date Card
    • Folded Greeting Card
    • Folded Notecard
    • Folded Invitation
    • Folded Holiday Card
    • Folded Thank You Card
    • Folded Announcement Card

    If you don’t believe you’ll need them, you can opt out of receiving envelopes on some of the products (you’ll save both money and the environment.) To opt out of envelopes, you'll see there are radio buttons under 'Envelopes.' It automatically defaults to ‘White’ Envelopes, but you can also choose ‘None’ if you don’t want to receive them.

    The following product does not come with envelopes, but they can be included at an additional cost: 

    • Magnetic Card

    The following paper products do not come with envelopes. (We don’t give the option to order envelopes for these paper types because we don’t see any use cases where customers would want them.)

    • Enclosure Card
    • Flat Menu
    • Flat Program
    • Business Card
    • Flat Loyalty Card
    • Flat Appointment Card
    • Referral Card
    • Discount Card
    • Calling Card
    • Flat Place Card
    • Folded Program
    • Folded Loyalty Card
    • Folded Appointment Card
    • Flat Paper Sheet
    • Invitation Postcard
    • Holiday Postcard
    • Announcement Card

    If you do want envelopes with these paper types, or you want additional envelopes for the other paper types, there will be an option to ‘Add an essential accessory’ after you’ve added your cards to your cart. Our Envelopes by Envelopments come in different colors and can only be purchased in batches of 25. These envelopes are not customizable and come in the following sizes: 5” x 7”, 5.25” x 5.25”, and 3.5” x 5.”

    If you do want custom envelopes from pre-existing templated designs, you can do so here:

    If you’re looking to create your own design for your envelopes, you can do so here:

    Envelope Liners Are Also Available 

    • Liners fit square flap white envelopes that come with Zazzle's flat & folded cards (May not fit other similar square flap envelopes.)
    • Printed on white 70 lb / 5.8 pt text weight paper with a smooth vellum finish
    • For easy assembly, liners include an adhesive strip. Slip the liner into the envelope (center the liner in the envelope), remove the adhesive backing and easily seal it into place.

     Product Link:

    Available in 8 Sizes:

    1. A7 Envelope (5” x 7” Invitation/Card)
    2. Square Envelope (5.25” x 5.25” Invitation/Card)
    3. A1/RSVP Envelope (5” x 3.5” Invitation/Card)
    4. A2 Envelope (5.5” x 4.25” Invitation/Card)
    5. A6 Envelope (6.25” x 4.5” Invitation/Card)
    6. A8 Envelope (7.5” x 5.5” Invitation/Card)
    7. A10 Envelope (8.75” x 6.5” Invitation/Card)
    8. #10 Envelope (9.25” x 4” Invitation/Card)

    Please note: White envelopes are NOT automatically included, but can be purchased by checking the ‘Add Envelope’ box.

    Extra envelopes are available for purchase once you add the envelope liners to your cart.

    Print Process: 

    These envelope liners offer full color, one-sided vibrant prints via digital printing. To get the most vibrant print on your liners, we recommend designing with your resolution set to 300ppi and uploading a PDF as your file format.

    Design Areas: 

    These liners support full edge-to-edge designs so we recommend using ‘full bleed’ when designing. However, creators should be mindful when using a one-color flood coat design as it may cause some banding issues during print.