Changes to our User Agreement and Policies

With our marketplace evolving, our User Agreement and Policies must be updated as well.

The updated Policies are effective for all Users since April 1, 2019, and while you’ll need to reference the Policies for full details, key updates include:

For our User Agreement:

  1. Zazzle is at its best when you and the rest of our community are engaged and involved. In the future, an account will be deemed a “Non-Contributing Account” if either (1) a public Product has not been published, or (2) there has been no Referral Sale attributed to the account in the previous 15 month period. Non-Contributing Accounts will be subject to a monthly “Non-Contributing Account Fee.”
  2. Zazzle has a new social media policy that allows Designers and Users to pre-authorize us to use and post any Content you’ve tagged with #ZazzleMade on your social media channels. This removes the step of needing to reach out personally so we can more quickly and easily share your wonderful Content!
  3. Our new Electronic Communications Delivery Policy clarifies that Zazzle is able to communicate with its Users electronically!


For our Privacy Policy:

  1. We added more information about Privacy Shield, a U.S. Department of Commerce framework we comply with to protect your information.
  2. We updated the names of third party advertising partners and their privacy policy links.


For our Designer License Agreement:

  1. We’ve noticed some Designers trying to pass their templated products (with phrases like “Your Design Here” or “Your Image Here”) off as Zazzle templates, so we’ve added language allowing us to remove any similar templated products from the marketplace.
  2. Zazzle respects the rights of intellectual property rights holders, so we’ve clarified and reiterated our right, from the User Agreement, to terminate accounts of Designers for violations of the User Agreement and/or Designer License Agreement, including for copyright and trademark infringements.
  3. Zazzle is always on the lookout for opportunities and partnerships that can benefit our designing community, so we’ve added language that will allow you to participate in any special programs (e.g., offerings on 3rd party sites, etc.) we may offer.

For our Associates Program Agreement:

  1. In order to investigate any orders or clicks that we suspect may be in violation of the Program, we’ve added a requirement that Associates cooperate with any requests for information or clarification, and failure to cooperate can be a Violation that could lead to penalties up to and including account termination.
  2. We will be updating the Associates Program enrollment process.  For more information, please click here.


To read the complete updated Policies, see below. Any capitalized terms not defined herein are as defined in the Policies.