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    Changes to our User Agreement and Policies

    With our marketplace evolving, our User Agreement and Policies must be updated as well.

    The updated Policies are effective for all Users starting September 9, 2020, and while you’ll need to reference the Policies for full details, key updates include:


    For our User Agreement:

    1. Zazzle is at its best when you and the rest of our community are able to communicate freely, and take your creativity to the next level together. To further this goal, we’ve added audio and video capabilities to our Chat and Collaborate functions!
    2. For quality control and to ensure all Zazzle Users abide by our community guidelines, we may record and store Chat and Collaboration sessions for up to ninety (90) days, and your use of these functions constitutes your consent to be recorded in this manner. As always, we will abide by the terms of our Privacy Policy! 
    3. While you have already granted us the right to use any images in your Social Media posts that you tag with #ZazzleMade or #ZazzleShowandTell, we have clarified the definition of “Tagged Media” to explicitly include likenesses.


    For our Privacy Policy:

    1. We added more information about Standard Contractual Clauses, a data privacy contract promulgated by the European Commission. As provided by the European Commission’s General Data Protection Regulation, we will enter into Standard Contractual Clauses with our vendors to protect your privacy.
    2. We updated the names of third-party advertising partners and their privacy policy links.


    To read the complete updated Policies, see below. Any capitalized terms not defined herein are as defined in the Policies.