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    How Design Themes are Created

    What is the 'Design Themes' tool?

    Zazzle's 'Design Themes' makes it much easier for your customers to find the perfect color of one of your designs! 'Design Themes' leverages the power of your top-selling designs to give your customers more variety, while also tidying up the marketplace of duplicate content.    

    Products (of the same product type) featuring the same design but with multiple colorways, will now be grouped together automatically, making it easier for your customers to decide on the perfect color without ever having to leave the product page.


    For instance, if a customer searches for your ‘pastel polka dot save-the-date card,' your top result will feature every color variation of the design allowing your customers to decide on a color from one product page. Gone are the days of scrolling through search results pages to find the perfect color.

    As you can see below, some of the product tiles include the Design Themes color circles enabled, underneath the image view:


    The product page also features a module that allows your customers to toggle between the available colors:


    Have a design that you think should be grouped?

    Our algorithms are very accurate when it comes to identifying which products should be grouped together, but there may be times that it might not pick up some of the more subtle nuances in similarity. For those times, we have enabled the ability for Creators to manually request their products be grouped together. Here's how:

    1. Enter the 'Products' tab located in your store's dashboard.
    2. Select all the products that you would like grouped together by checking the checkbox next to the product title; be sure to double-check to see that all the products selected are the same product type.
    3. Once all the products you wish to group have been selected, click the 'ACTIONS' dropdown from any of the selected products.
    4. Select the 'Group Products' option.

    And that's it! Your grouping request will signal our algorithms to review the products you've selected within the next 24hrs.

    However, you should note that our algorithms may require a manual review from someone on our team if it deems that your selected products are not similar enough. If that's the case, your grouping request will take longer than the 24hr window, depending on the volume of requests we receive. 

    Here are some helpful tips to follow when creating 'Design Themes' product grouping:

    DO DON'T
    DO focus solely on showcasing different color variations of a design DON'T reposition or resize text or images
    DO use a similar length of text when replacing template text DON'T add new images or remove existing images
    DO use our updated selection of fonts vs. uploading images with fonts in them DON'T add or edit text (unless it is template text and isn't the only difference between PIDs)
    DO use the same product type when creating your color variations DON'T change the font styles


    DON'T use images with rasterized text


    DON'T add / delete / rename template keys


    DON'T change textures/ patterns/ objects/ cropping that would significantly change the design

    : Although we typically encourage Creators to NOT repeat the same title & tags between their products, when grouping products for Design Themes, we recommend keeping your title, description and tags very similar and only change or add keywords that reflect the colorway variations between designs. 

    * It may take up to 24hrs for the groupings to take effect.
    ** Groupings are only enabled between the same product type; similar designs between different product types will NOT be grouped together.