How to Create a Category

Creating store categories can help your customers better find the designs and products they are looking for within your store. If  you’re an API user, creating a category is required for the template buffet.

To create a new store category, go to the store products section of your store and click the ‘All Categories’ link on the left-hand side of the page.


Next, click the ‘Add new category’ link located under the Store Categories section. 


Then an ‘Add New Category’ pop-up will come up.


Here, you will need to: 

  1. Enter a name for your category
  2. Add a thumbnail (optimal size 324 x 324) for the category (this step is optional) and
  3. Select your category visibility (hidden or public)


After filling out the fields above, simply click  ‘Done’ and your new category will appear next to your existing categories.


You can click on the category to find the category ID, which is the 18 digit number that comes after ‘cg=’ in the URL. 

Category URL structure:[yourstorename]/products?cg=[18DigitCategoryID]

Category URL example: