Zazzle Addressing Labels

 Did you know you can now individually customize your holiday mailing labels? Check out our new custom return address and mailing address labels when ordering your holiday cards today! 


This option will allow you to purchase a combined set of custom return address and mailing labels as an add on accessory when purchasing flat holiday cards.  


How do I purchase personalized address labels?

  1. Add your cards to the shopping cart.
  2. A pop up will appear in the top right hand corner of the page displaying the option to add the ‘Preprinted Address Labels’ to your order.
  3. Click on the blue ‘View Options’ button.


      4. Choose the occasion filter from the drop down menu and select your style from the options that appear below. 


      5. To change the font on your custom labels, select ‘Script’ from the drop down menu options and select a font style from the list.


      6. Place your order and wait for your follow up email. Complete the attached CSV file as soon as possible and send it back to us.

How do I add my return address and my mailing addresses to my labels?

Once you have purchased preprinted address labels you will receive an email after the order has been successfully placed. This email will ask you to download and complete a CSV file, simply add your addresses and send it back to us via email. Zazzle will take care of the rest!


Please note that your order will be on hold until we receive your addresses.


How do I download and complete the CSV file?

  1. Open the email 
  2. Click the blue ‘Get Started’ button. This will automatically download the CSV file. 
  3. Open your downloads folder and double click the CSV file.
  4. Do not make any changes to the spreadsheet like adding or deleting columns because it will delay your order.
  5. Enter names and addresses exactly as you would like them to appear on your labels.
  6. Please review your addresses carefully before sending the spreadsheet back to us.
  7. The address spreadsheet that you download will be a .CSV file and it’s important that you send it back to us as a .CSV file. Simply open the file, enter your information and save without changing the file type and you’re good to go!

Additional Information

  • Once the CSV is sent back to us your order will move to a processing state. Please note that your order will remain on hold until you send us the file. 
  • Edits cannot be made once the file has been submitted.
  • The option to personalize individual mailing labels is only available as an add on accessory to our cards. This feature is not available with our regular address label product.