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    Changes to our User Agreement and Policies as of November 22, 2019

    We’re growing and evolving and, as such, our policies are evolving too. As an ongoing commitment to your satisfaction with all things Zazzle, we’re making you aware of updates to the User Agreement that go into effect on November 22, 2019, which governs the usage of our Site.

    Below are some of the highlights:

    Digital Content Creation and Usage:

    • Zazzle is expanding its definition of Content to include digital Content. Digital Content enables Users the ability to create a design and use it out in the world without having to add the design to a physical Product on the Zazzle platform.
    • Zazzle Create, our new tool for creating digital Content, will drive potential new Users to the Site to create everything from digital invites and cards to Facebook® banners and Snapchat® templates.

    Zazzle Create & Royalties:

    • We’ve been working with a test group of Creators to populate the Create design tool with Digital Designs and Secondary Content.
    • We will be expanding the number of Creators who can contribute to the Zazzle Create design tool in the near future. If you’d like to be a part of this opportunity, please apply here.
    • Digital Content is free for users to download, but every Creator who contributed to a design that is featured on a physical Product will receive compensation.  
    • Read more details at Zazzle Royalty and Referral Percentages to understand how Royalties will be determined when Secondary Content is added to the Content on your Marketplace Design.

    Chat & Collaboration:

    • We are introducing new functionalities to the Site - Zazzle Chat and Zazzle Collaboration. Please see the User Agreement for more details.
    • Zazzle Chat is a messaging tool for Users to connect with Creators and other Users. 
    • We’re also announcing Collaboration, a real-time way for Users to collaborate on designs with other Users, including friends and family. 
    • We are all a part of the same community. According to Section 4 of the User Agreement, we need to treat one another with respect and refrain from harassing, insulting, embarrassing or abusing other Members.

    To read about site changes and Policy updates, see below. Any capitalized terms not defined herein are as defined in the Policies.