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    Connect with Creators on Chat


    How to connect to Customer Service Chat?

    What is Chat?

    Zazzle Chat is your opportunity to directly connect with fellow members from the Zazzle community! Whether you have a question about a design or want to discuss a collaboration, the Zazzle Chat page is your primary area to start sending messages, sharing images, and even viewing all of your chat threads! Have a question about a design? Click on the button on any product page and start a chat! This can be found under the “Artwork design by” section on each product page you visit!


    Are you a new Creator looking for feedback on your store? 

    We suggest visiting our Community Forum where you can connect with peers who share similar experiences. This platform provides an excellent opportunity to receive constructive feedback and insights from fellow creators, allowing you to enhance your store and maximize your potential on the platform. Join the conversation and benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise within our community!”


    How do I start a Chat?

    You can start a chat simply by clicking on this   button! These will show up on any product page under the “Artwork designed by” section. It also appears within the Design Tool Section, under “Creator” on the left-hand side.

    Connection w Creators on chat.gif

    When clicked, you’ll be shown two of the options. The top one is to contact the Creator directly and specifically about their design. The second one will be to contact Zazzle Customer Care for assistance with orders, shipping, product information, etc. 

     If you choose to speak to the Independent Creator for a design-specific request or question, you'll be sent to the Zazzle Chat page! 

    If it’s your first time using Zazzle Chat, we’ll ask for some quick details before beginning….

    Upload a photo,  enter your name, gender and date of birth and you're ready to chat.  The creator on the other side of your chat will appreciate knowing and seeing who they’re chatting with! If you already have your name and photo on your Zazzle member profile, then you’re in luck! This information will automatically be imported on the registration page.


    The Inbox


    Can I send images?

    Yes! Just click on the button, and select an image from your My Images page. You can also upload new images from the My Images page or simply drag-and-drop the image onto the chat page.


    How do I know when I receive a new message?

    There’s a couple of ways to tell if you have a new message:

    • On the top menu bar of the Zazzle web page, if you see a red number on the corner of the chat logo, this is an indicator that you have new message(s) waiting for you in your inbox!
    • Check your email that is registered to your Zazzle account. Just look for the email with the subject line: “You have a new message on Zazzle” and click on the “View Message” button from the email that will take you straight to Zazzle! (if you navigate through this email and there is no matching chat, than it has been blocked or removed for some reason. )

    Know Who You're Chatting With!

    Our new user labels include:

    1. : This label represents our cherished Zazzle Users. Whether someone is browsing, buying, or just getting inspired, this label indicates they are exploring or shopping on Zazzle.

    2. : This label is for Creators who have taken the leap to open a store on Zazzle. If you see this label, you're talking to someone who designs and sells their content on our platform.

    3. : Spot this label for authentic interactions with the official Zazzle team. This label verifies you're chatting with a Zazzle employee.

    I had a bad exchange with someone, what are my options? 

    If you experienced any behavior from another member in the Zazzle community that is in violation of Zazzle’s Terms of Service, you can take one of the following actions: 

    • Report User (this will allow you to notify us if you think the chat is Spam or inappropriate)
    • Block user (this will stop the user from contacting you further. Don’t worry, they won’t be notified of this action). 
      • You can always “unblock” them by navigating to your chat “Settings” if you’ve made a mistake or changed your mind.

    How do I opt-out of chat?

    There is no opt-out option. We want users of the Zazzle platform (creators, artists, consumers, makers, etc.) to have an inclusive experience where everyone can connect and share ideas in a collaborative environment to create the next big product on Zazzle’s marketplace! 

    With that said, we understand your hesitations on directly connecting with your customers. We’re not here to put you in an uncomfortable position in any way. If you are unable to assist our customers, we would suggest directing them to our customer service team by sending them our quick auto response that will appear under the text box in all new chats. Simply hit “Send auto-reply” and this will advise them where to go once sent.

    How to connect to Customer Service Chat?

    This article is designated to assist with connecting with our community of Independent Creators by chat. If you wish to contact a Zazzle Customer service representative; if an agent is available to chat online, you will see a blue chat icon at the bottom of this article. You can also view other ways to contact our customer service by clicking here.