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    Secondary Content FAQ

    What is Zazzle Create?

    Zazzle Create is a new offering in the Creator ecosystem that allows you to bring your Digital Content to life. There are three types of Digital Content available in Zazzle Create – Digital Designs, Images and Elements.


    How does Zazzle define Digital Designs?

    Digital Designs are the composited designs and associated metadata that are published by Creators in the ‘Post for Download’ workflow. Essentially, they are the digital equivalent of the designs you create and then add to physical products in the Zazzle Marketplace. Digital Designs also include the templates that can’t be produced on physical products, like desktop wallpapers, digital invitations, etc.


    How does Zazzle define Images?

    Images are Digital Content that aren’t associated with any product. These are standalone images that consist of photography or composited designs created in Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop and allow Zazzle users the flexibility to use them in both the digital realm, as well as on physical products, without restrictions.


    How does Zazzle define Elements?

    Elements are simple creative assets (e.g. shapes, text, lines, icons, simple vector art, background patterns, etc.) that can be used in the digital realm as well as on physical products without restrictions.


    How do Creators get attribution for Digital Content (aka Digital Designs, Images and Elements)?

    When a User selects any of your Digital Content, your attribution will appear in the design tool. Users can click to learn more about you, as well as see your store and products. They can even message you directly to ask questions and inquire about additional customizations before purchasing.


    How much does Digital Content cost?

    Digital Content is free of charge for digital downloads.


    If Digital Content is free, do Creators still earn a royalty for their work?

    Creators don’t earn a royalty when their Digital Content is downloaded – but they do earn royalties when their Digital Content is added to physical products and purchased.


    Allowing customers to mix and match your content in this big creative ‘sandbox’ is going to be a huge draw for people to get exactly the designs they want. We believe, as Create begins to catch on, that this is going to give you creators a lot more visibility in the marketplace, while enabling your secondary content more ways of being used in multiple creations.


    Is the royalty rate the same for Digital Content on physical products the same as my other designs in the Zazzle Marketplace? If a customer purchases a physical product on which they added secondary content, then the creator(s) of that secondary content will share in the royalty. To learn more about royalties and secondary content, please go to the following link.


    Is Digital Content held to the same content standards as in the physical Zazzle Marketplace? Yes, it is. Please read our User Agreement for a full description of our acceptable content guidelines.


    A product just sold where I contributed secondary content but I ended up with a $0.00 royalty. Why is that? While wanting to get the floodgates open on your Images and Elements as quickly as possible, we’re still working out one kink that we want you to be aware of. In certain circumstances where the value of the item price is sufficiently low, in combination with the carve-out percentage, the currently rounding logic may result in an earnings displayed $0. We are in the process of optimizing our rounding logic, but we are tabulating those sales outside of the norm until this is corrected and will be issuing manual payments in the meantime.