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    Zazzle LIVE FAQ

     What is Zazzle LIVE?

    LIVE is Zazzle’s mobile app that unlocks creativity by connecting customers to our creator community. If you need help in creating that perfect design, Zazzle has world-class creators standing by waiting to assist you in real-time! Thru our collaboration design tools, via phone, or even video chat, Zazzle has the solution to all of your design needs. Learn more at:

    Consumer Guide

    What services are provided?

    • Holiday Cards
    • Gifts
    • Photo Editing
    • Save the Dates
    • Business Cards
    • Social Media Posts
    • Business Identity 
    • Weddings 

    Who is providing the services?

    Our top creators from the Zazzle Creator Community. Experts in their fields, and ready to offer you live, real-time services at your request.

    Consumer Guide

    How to get started:

    Download the latest version of our app:

    On the home page, select the design category that you need assistance with:


    1. Once you have made your selection, you’ll be prompted with details of the service, price, etc.
    2. Provide a brief description of the project.
    3. Click on “Get Matched” and let Zazzle’s system match you with a creators


    Allow a few mins for Zazzle’s matching technology to find you the perfect creator for the help that you need:


    Once you’ve been matched, you’ll be taken to a new screen introducing you to the creator that will be helping you today. You’ll be able to chat with the creator and see updates to your design in real-time!


    When the design is completed simply click “End Chat” to confirm your design. You will have the option of downloading the digital design or choose to use the design on Zazzle products!


    Have more questions?

    Visit:, from the “Select Topic” drop down menu choose: “Zazzle Live”, and then click on “Thanks, but I still need help” link to send a message to our customer service team