Navigating My Zazzle Account

Your “My Account” section is home to all of your account information and it’s where you can edit and manage all of your actions on Zazzle. To learn more about your account, keep reading!

My Profile
Here, you can see an overview of your private Zazzle profile. It allows you to access your Saved Designs, Likes, Collections, Images, Stores, Activities and Settings. The Settings section is where you can update your personal information like your name, location, and birthday. (We love to wish Zazzlers a happy birthday!)

Collections are a fun and eye-catching way to organize and curate your favorite products. You can group them by design, occasion or event, or as a product type, color scheme or even as a grouping of your favorite designs. You can also share these with your friends through any of your social media channels! 

Treat this like your Zazzle Wishlist! “Like” any product on the website that you want to save in your account for inspiration or a future purchase.

Order History
Here’s where you find information about your current and previous Zazzle orders. You can check your order status, track your order, check order details, or even reorder a product. If you need more information on how to reorder, please see: Reordering Products from Previous Orders

Account Settings
Here, you can change the email address or password associated with your Zazzle Account. Please see How to Reset Your Zazzle Password if you need assistance. You can also choose the content filter for your account and manage your email subscriptions.

Payment Settings
You will find all of your saved payment methods from previous orders here. You can also choose to delete them if necessary.

Address Book
Here, you can find a complete list of all of your stored addresses from your past orders. You can edit/delete your current listings, set one as a default for your future orders, or add more to be used in the checkout process at a later time.

Gift Card / Account Balance
Within this area, you can purchase a gift card or redeem a gift card! Please see Zazzle Gift Cards for more information. You can also view the balance of a Zazzle account credit in this section. You can use your account credit within your Zazzle account to reorder a corrected product or choose a new product, whenever you please. Please note that account credits may take up to 1 business day to process. 

Deleting an Account
If you decide that you would like to terminate your Zazzle account, simply send an e-mail to Customer Care that contains the email address associated with your account. Once you've done so, a member of our Customer Care Team will disable your account and remove any products, both public and private, and disable your store (if applicable).